In the 2023 NFL season, four teams have started 0-3 and, as a consequence, thousands of fans are wondering if they have any chances to make the playoffs. The Minnesota Vikings, the Denver Broncos, the Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers.

Statistically, it will be an uphill battle for all of them. In the Super Bowl era, only 2.4% of 0-3 teams have made the postseason. The Houston Texans were the last ones to do it in 2018.

In an incredible turn of events, Week 4 in the NFL features Vikings vs Panthers and Broncos vs Bears. This means that, inevitably, two teams will get their first win and two of them will be doomed with 0-4.

How many teams in NFL history made the playoffs after 0-3 start?

Since 1979, six teams have made the playoffs after starting the season with 0-3 record. The 1981 New York Jets, the 1982 Buccaneers, the 1992 Chargers, the 1995 Detroit Lions, the 1998 Buffalo Bills and the 2018 Texans.

Of all those teams, only the Chargers in 1992 won a playoff game. In fact, San Diego started 0-4 and still conquered the AFC West. They were stopped in the Divisional round by the Miami Dolphins after defeating the Chiefs in the Wild Card round.

In a very important detail, no team which started 0-3 reached the Super Bowl. So, in 2023, those are terrible news for Vikings, Broncos, Bears and Panthers as history dictates it’s almost impossible for them to hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy.