Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy didn't always see each other eye-to-eye. Rodgers called him out in press conferences multiple times, and Green Bay Packersfans were somewhat relieved when he was fired.

But McCarthy and Rodgers still found plenty of success together. Some believe the Packers would've won more Super Bowls under a different direction, while others think Rodgers' postseason shortcomings were to blame.

Whatever the case, McCarthy will head back to Lambeau Field on Sunday, this time coaching the Dallas Cowboys. So, when asked about where things stand between the two, Rodgers was as straightforward as he usually is.

NFL News: Aaron Rodgers Says It's All Good Between Him And Mike McCarthy

"We've always kind of been in touch, a little bit more I'd say the last year or so," Rodgers said. "I think as time goes by, the gratitude for that time as you look back on the journey of your career goes up a little bit. I appreciate the little things a little bit more because really this game and life is about the journey. I'll always be tied with him because of the connection that we had and the years we spent together. Obviously my longest-tenured coach, my longest-tenured play-caller. I'm thankful for those years and thankful maybe a little bit more now as the years go by."

Rodgers Expects Lambeau Field To Show Him Some Love

McCarthy was evidently emotional when asked about going back to Lambeau for Sunday's matchup. That's why Rodgers hopes the Packers faithful show him some love before the game:

"Mike's Pittsburgh toughness and grit on the outside and a big soft teddy bear on the inside," Rodgers added. "I think that's a great combination to have. There were definitely some tears over the years, both in team settings and also in one-on-one settings. He and I definitely shed some tears over the years together in conversations, usually happy tears I would say. But yeah, Mike's a big-hearted guy, and I like to see him let the emotions come out."

At the end of the day, both McCarthy and Rodgers made history together. So, even though there will always be some hard feelings and things they would've done differently, there's no place for any bad blood between the two.