One of the most controversial topics surrounding the Washington Commanders is their name. Amidst doubts and uncertainty, Jason Wright, the team’s president, has unveiled their plans regarding this matter.

The NFC East is home to some of the most historic NFL franchises. In 1932, George Preston Marshall founded the Boston Braves, a team that evolved over time to become the Washington Commanders, as we know them today.

This name was presented in 2022. Previously, the team was known as the Redskins, but in 2020, they discarded it after numerous protests claimed it alluded to racism.

Jason Wright unveils whether the Commanders will change their name again soon

The 2019 season was the last one in which Washington used the Redskins name. Several protests around the country made the team change the nickname, and the franchise had no other choice but to comply to them.

To address the issue promptly, they were referred to as the Washington Football Team during the 2020 season. However, a year later, they changed it to the Commanders following a survey conducted among fans.

Nevertheless, it seems like this survey didn’t consider the majority of fans. Several followers of the team are disgusted with the name of Commanders, and have asked the front office to go back to being the Redskins.

Recently, the Native American Guardians Association (NAGA) sued the franchise for not using the Redskins name. This action has put pressure on the new owners, who are considering changing their name once again.

“I’d feel the same as it would be with anybody else: if it’s the right thing to do, that’s what it is, and I don’t take anything personally. But, it’s not a priority right now,” Jason Wright said about changing the team’s name.

However, Wright added that the club is focused on “a million other things” and that the name is not a priority for them right now. They will address the matter soon, but they first need to build a competitive roster to face the 2024 season.

Could the Commanders return to being the Redskins?

When Washington decided to leave the Redskins name behind, everyone thought they would never return to it. However, things might have changed and now they could really be named like that again.

With the lawsuit filed the Native American Guardians Association (NAGA), the team’s front office could be pressured to revert to the Redskins name and honoring Chief White Calf once again.

SURVEY Should the Commanders return to being the Redskins again?

Should the Commanders return to being the Redskins again?