On Christmas Eve, the Dallas Cowboys will visit Hard Rock Stadium to face the Miami Dolphins. Ahead of this very attractive duel, Micah Parsons has sent a strong threat to Tyreek Hill that increases the tension of this duel.

The Dolphins are definitely one of the best teams in the entire NFL nowadays. The AFC East club comes from an astonishing 70-20 win over the Denver Broncos, showing the great offense they have.

As for the Cowboys, they were surprised by the Arizona Cardinals in Week 3. Despite having a great defense, they couldn’t stop the NFC West team and left the list of undefeated clubs after just three games.

Micah Parsons issues strong warning to Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins

Christmas Eve will feature one of the most attractive games of the 2023 NFL regular season. Two Super Bowl contenders, the Cowboys and the Dolphins, will meet at Hard Rock Stadium for a matchup that will undoubtedly capture everyone’s attention.

Last week, Tyreek Hill issued a warning to Parsons, saying that he’ll block the linebacker one-on-one and claiming he’s a lion. The Cowboys player didn’t like the wideout’s words, and sent him a threat over his statement.

Tyreek, please never say you’re a lion again [sic],” Parsons said on his own podcast, ‘The Edge with Micah Parsons.’ “Just stick to the cheetah. You don’t want nothing to do with this lion work. Please stay away from the lion. At least you did say you’re a baby lion. To me, you’ll be a cub, brother.”

Afterward, Parsons mentioned that if Hill attempts to block him, he will send the wide receiver to the tents, implying that his hit will be so forceful that it will require medical attention.

Are Micah Parsons and Tyreek Hill friends?

Yes, despite these messages between both players, they have a very strong friendship.