It's not too often that an NFL team has two potential starting QBs on the roster at the same time. Usually, that would be a great problem to have, but that's far from the case with the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks traded away Russell Wilson to kick off a long-overdue rebuild. And while most fans and analysts expect things to get worse before they get better, it seems like the team lacks direction right now.

The QB battle between Geno Smith and Drew Lock could go all the way to Week 1. But as you may know by now, that's not because of how good and promising both have been under center. Notably, Carroll didn't even rule out the possibIlity of playing both of them.

NFL News: Pete Carroll Says Seahawks Could Play Both QBs

"That could happen. Yeah, that could happen," Carroll said. "We've got it worked out where we are figuring out playing time right now. Drew needs to play a lot of football because he missed a game [due to COVID]. So that's the main thing to get done this weekend. (...) This game is really important because it's kind of the make-up deal. I'm going to make sure to take care of business on that."

"I'm wide open for whatever happens," Carroll added. "Geno has been the guy in the lead position the whole time. I've protected that thought throughout and he's done a really nice job. He's been very consistent. We'll just see what happens. There's two more weeks of practice too after this. With a timeline, I had a set thought of what we would do with the timeline but that got disrupted. We're going to use all the time we need. (...) These guys are so even right now."

Not to disrespect Smith or Lock, but neither of them is a true starting-caliber QB, so why keep stalling this decision? Why not go face-front and tank, trade for another QB, or at least give the younger guy a shot to prove himself?