Davante Adams can’t forget what he lived with Aaron Rodgers in the Green Bay Packers. Now, the Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver has sent a heartfelt message to the New York Jets quarterback over his season-ending injury.

The start of the 2023 NFL campaign had a bittersweet taste for the Jets. Even though they won their game against the Buffalo Bills, they lost Aaron Rodgers for the entire season due to an Achilles injury.

Everyone in the league reacted to the news, from his own club, rivals and former teammates. Davante Adams, who was his best partner in the Packers, sent him a heartfelt message, remembering their days together in Green Bay.

Davante Adams sends heartfelt message to Aaron Rodgers over his Achilles injury

Aaron Rodgers’ injury surprised everybody. After only three plays, the quarterback suffered an Achilles injury, ending his 2023 season and putting the Jets in serious problems for the rest of the year.

Several members of the NFL reacted to the news, including Davante Adams. The wideout, who played alongside Rodgers for eight years in the Packers, revealed the heartfelt message he sent to his former teammate following his injury.

“Really tough, man,” Adams said on Wednesday in a press conference. “I didn’t want to really take to social media because I spoke to him directly and reached out immediately. I was watching it on the plane as we were on the way over here. And it’s like a horrible movie, you don’t want to see the main character go down like that at all, let alone as early as what it was. And I know he was excited and I was definitely excited to see him go out there and ball out. I know he was feeling rejuvenated and excited about the opportunity to work with a really good team, so it sucks.

That’s my guy though, so I let him know basically I’m here for him in whatever way that I can. I don’t know what I can do to make him feel better at this point, especially obviously with us being in season now as well, but like I said, it sucks and I’m just praying that his mental is in a good spot right now and he continues to overcome it, and obviously that team as well.”

Why Davante Adams didn’t join Aaron Rodgers’ Jets this year?

According to reports, Adams was interested in playing with Rodgers this year, but there was no offer on the table from the Jets for the Raiders wideout.