Deshaun Watson's name has been around the NFL headlines for months now. First, it was his desire to leave the Houston Texans. Then, his 22 civil lawsuits for alleged sexual misconduct kept the spotlight on him for the wrong reasons.

But now that it seems like his camp is working in the shadows to reach a settlement and make all that go away, apparently, he's still eager to leave the Texans and pursue a new challenge elsewhere.

And with several teams inquiring about his availability as we head towards the season, Denver Broncos defensive back Kareem Jackson recently said on Aqib Talib's 'Catching Fades' podcast that Watson told him that he wants to play in Denver.

Kareem Jackson Says Deshaun Watson Wants To Play For The Denver Broncos

"I got a great relationship with Deshaun. I've been talking to him the last couple weeks," Jackson said. "All he's been telling me is, look, Jack, just tell them that's where I want to be. He's like, that's where I want to be. He's like, I want to be in Denver. And during the time where I was going through my little free agency thing, I ended up signing back here, before I signed, he called and he was like, man, are you going to sign? I was like, I don't know, I'm not sure yet. He was like, well, let me know what you're going to do. And I signed back and he was like, listen, tell them I want to be in Denver."

Ian Rapoport Says Denver Is Just Another Possible Spot

But not so fast, Broncos fans. NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport recently stated that Watson never said that the Broncos were his favorite destination, although he would be open to playing there:

“Deshaun Watson has been getting recruited by former teammates and countless players across the NFL, and he remains open to several options, including the #Broncos. But I don’t believe Denver is “where he wants to be.” Just one possible spot.” 

via Ian Rapoport

Watson's future is still up in the air and some even speculate that he won't be able to suit up for Week 1 as his legal turmoil settles. What we can be sure of is that he'll never play another snap for the Texans.