The winner of the Super Bowl last season, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, is one of the best quarterbacks in the current season. So far, he has only two interceptions, and it is likely that at some point in the year he will reach 10 interceptions, as he did in 2022.

However, just because a quarterback has 10 or more interceptions does not mean that they have no chance of reaching the Playoffs or even winning a Super Bowl, as Mahomes did last year with 12 interceptions.

Other players like Josh Allen had 14 interceptions in 2022 and were able to close the season with a winning record of 13-3-0, while others like Russell Wilson with 11 interceptions last year had a losing record of 4-11-0.

So, who is leading the 10 interceptions race in 2023?

According to Pro Football Reference, after three weeks into the current season, Jimmy Garoppolo is the player with the most interceptions with a total of 6, that’s almost 2 interceptions per game.

The race for the 10 interceptions:
Jimmy Garoppolo – 6 INT
Sam Howell – 5 INT
Matthew Stafford – 4 INT
Josh Allen – 4 INT
Daniel Jones – 4 INT

Kirk Cousins is going through a losing streak, but he was the first quarterback of the 2023 season to reach a thousand passing yards with a total after 3 weeks of 1075 yards, 9 touchdowns, and 2 INTs.

How many interceptions did Jimmy Garoppolo have in 2022?

During last season in 2022, he had only 4 interceptions playing for the San Francisco 49ers, being a relatively good year for him compared to previous seasons. But unfortunately, he was not able to finish the season due to an injury.

Who has been the quarterback with the most interceptions in the NFL?

Brett Favre is the quarterback with the most career interceptions with a total of 336 interceptions. On the other hand, the quarterback with the most interceptions in a single season was George Blanda in 1962 with 42 interceptions, and Vinny Testaverde with 35 in 1988.