The Las Vegas Raiders signed Jimmy Garoppolo to be their starting quarterback this year. However, the two-time Super Bowl champion could be living his last days as a member of the AFC West team as they could move on from him even without playing a single game.

After the 2022 NFL season, the Raiders decided to release Derek Carr. The quarterback played nine seasons with them, but the team wanted a change for the 2023 campaign in order to seek the success that the former Fresno State player couldn’t give them.

In the free agency market, the Raiders found Jimmy Garoppolo. The San Francisco 49ers decided to not continue with the quarterback for the 2023 campaign. However, it seems like his time at Las Vegas could be shorter than expected as the team could cut him before the upcoming season.

Rumor: Raiders are considering to cut Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo signed with the Raiders to be their starting quarterback this year. The team was interested in bringing a veteran player for the job, and it seemd like the former Patriot was their answer.

With Derek Carr out of the squad, Jimmy G was obviously going to take his job. Josh McDaniels asked the front office to sign him as the head coach knew the quarterback from their days at New England, adding a capable player who wouldn’t have trouble with learning his playbook.

However, things are getting complicated for Garoppolo. Last year, the quarterback was unable to play the entire season due to a foot injury. His place was taken by Brock Purdy and, even though it seemed like he would return for the Playoffs, Jimmy couldn’t recover.

This problem has haunted him since then. It was recently revealed that Garoppolo underwent surgery to heal his foot on March. The team was aware of it, so the front office included several clauses in his contract to protect themselves.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk was able to obtain Garoppolo’s contract with the Raiders. The quarterback willingly acknowledges and accepts the risks associated with further injury, as he wants to continue his career playing with that left foot problem.

The deal ensures that the Las Vegas Raiders can terminate the agreement between the quarterback and them without further obligation at any time. It includes a clause that, if Garoppolo doesn’t pass the physical examination, the team can end the contract.

Unfortunately for Garoppolo, he didn’t pass the latest physical examination. As of today, it is uncertain what will the Raiders do with him, but rumors say that they are really considering to end their deal and search for a new quarterback for the 2023 campaign.