The 2023 NFL season has only just begun, and there’s already a player suffering with his teammates. After just three games, a quarterback in the NFC is taking unprecedented number of sacks due to his poor offensive line.

During the start of each campaign, all the 32 teams try to leave a good impression to prove that their season will not end soon. Unfortunately, not all the clubs can do it due to a lack of talent of their rosters.

Of course, the quarterback position is crucial for every team, and they must do everything to protect him during the games. Nevertheless, there’s a player who doesn’t get too much support from his offensive line and is really struggling with the sacks.

Sam Howell is on track to become the most sacked QB in NFL history

Sam Howell is facing a huge problem, and it’s largely attributed to his teammates. The Washington Commanders player currently holds the unenviable position of being the most sacked quarterback in the league, and he’s on pace to potentially break an NFL record.

Howell has been sacked 19 times this year, averaging 6.3 times per game. If this trend persists over the next 14 games, he would finish the season with 107 sacks, surpassing the current record held by David Carr with the Texans in 2002 by 31 sacks.

In terms of yards lost, Howell is also on a trajectory to break that record. The Commanders quarterback has lost 124 yards due to sacks, and he’s just 365 yards away from surpassing Randall Cunningham’s record, which he set in 1986 while playing for the Eagles.

What is Sam Howell’s contract with the Washington Commanders?

Sam Howell is still playing under his 4-year, $4 million rookie contract he signed in 2022.