Quarterbacks are often measured by their ability to protect the football, making them invaluable assets for championship-contending teams. In a league where defenses relentlessly study and adapt to exploit vulnerabilities, avoiding turnovers is no small feat.

Several factors, such as offensive line performance, play-calling decisions, and the effectiveness of wide receivers, can influence a quarterback’s susceptibility to making errors. This vulnerability is even more pronounced for young quarterbacks transitioning from the college game to the NFL.

Despite all these challenges, it’s truly remarkable that as we are five games into the season, two quarterbacks have maintained a pristine record. These two quarterbacks are Brock Purdy and CJ Stroud, who have been nothing short of extraordinary avoiding interceptions.

Purdy and Stroud’s Impressive Numbers

While there are other quarterbacks like Andy Dalton and Gardner Minshew who have managed to avoid throwing interceptions this season, their limited number of starts takes them out of the spotlight. Dalton have started just one match for the Panthers, the same amount appearing in Minshew’s season with the Colts thus far.

The true stellar players relating to ball security in this early part of the season are Purdy and Stroud. Purdy’s ascent to the starting role for the San Francisco 49ers last season was spectacular. Since taking the reins, the 49ers have not lost a single regular-season game that he started and finished.

Purdy has an almost perfect record, with the only blemish being a defeat to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game, in which the quarterback was forced to leave early due to an elbow injury in the first quarter. Despite this setback, his performance this season has been remarkable, with nine touchdown passes in just five games, showcasing his ability to lead a high-octane offense. Purdy’s

Stroud’s story with the Houston Texans is even more captivating. Many overlooked him before the draft, but he has proven his worth as the second pick. The Texans have a 2-3 record as the quarterback has thrown for seven touchdowns without a single interception. He currently ranks fourth in passing yards with 292.2 per game.

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Which quarterback is going to throw an interception first?


How Old Is CJ Stroud?

CJ Stroud is 22 years old.