It goes without saying that the Kansas City Chiefs made their greatest pick ever when they took Patrick Mahomes. The guy simply never ceases to amaze and is yet to reach the prime of his career, which is a scary thought for the rest of the NFL.

The reignign Super Bowl MVP continues to break records almost every time he's under center and thus far, opposing defenses are yet to find a way to stop him due to how versatile and talented he is.

Obviously, he has an elite receivers corps at his disposal but Mahomes constantly put them in a position to be successful, and it seems like he's a highlight reel waiting to happen on every single snap.

Patrick Mahomes Could Break Another Incredible Record This Season

Moreover, Hayley Lewis of KSHB pointed out one of the most impressive things Mahomes can still achieve this season. Apparently, he's on pace to become the first quarterback to ever throw for 40+ touchdowns with 5 or fewer interceptions:

"Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on track to have another record year. No NFL quarterback in history has thrown for more than 40 touchdowns and had fewer than five interceptions in one season. So far the Super Bowl MVP has thrown 25 touchdowns and has only been picked off once, meaning he’s right on pace to surpass yet another milestone," the report stated.

We're talking about insane efficiency here. How is it possible for a quarterback to throw 25 passing touchdowns and only get picked once? That's almost unprecedented right there and not even Aaron Rodgers can brag about those numbers.

It's still pretty early to tell but there's a huge chance that, once it's all said and done and his career is over, we'll all look back and agree that Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback in football history.