Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL after winning his second Super Bowl in only four years with the Kansas City Chiefs. However, looking into the 2023 season, the AFC is going to be a very crowded place at the position.

The list is just amazing. Aaron Rodgers (New York Jets), Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals), Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens), Justin Herbert (Los Angeles Chargers) and Josh Allen (Buffalo Bills).

Considering this scenario, and of course the presence of Jalen Hurts with the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC, Patrick Mahomes gave his list of best current quarterbacks in the NFL.

Patrick Mahomes’ Top 5 starting quarterbacks in the NFL

Patrick Mahomes revealed his list of best quarterbacks in the NFL during an interview with Complex. According to the star of the Kansas City Chiefs, a Top 5 might not be enough with so much talent.

“I’m not going to put them in order, but I mean, it’s so hard, man. There’s like 10 top five quarterbacks. But I mean you got to look at the track record the last few years.”

So, this is the top-tier for Mahomes. “I mean you got me, Joe (Burrow), Josh (Allen), you got Lamar (Jackson), you got Jalen Hurts, who’s coming up strong after this last season, I’m sure he’ll be even better this next.”

However the list doesn’t stop there. “You got Trevor Lawrence, Justin Herbert. I mean, there are so many quarterbacks. I don’t want to just name five. But I mean even the guys that are injured: you got Kyler Murray coming off injury, you got Russell Wilson, who can have a bounce back year, Aaron Rodgers. There are so many quarterbacks in this league, it’s hard to put five.”