Chase Young isn’t done taking shots at Tom Brady ahead of their Saturday clash in the 2021 NFL Wildcard round. Young is one of the most exciting young players in the league and he’s not afraid of the challenges he can get in the NFL. 

Not even facing Tom Brady is scary for him, who recently called out the player, expressing his desire to face arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. Washington Football Team have nothing to lose and a lot to win but Young could be asking for more than he can handle. 

After Washington beat Philadelphia Eagles earlier this week, Chase went after Brady, asking for him. With all the reactions he received after that moment, one would think Young would be humble now, but he’s not backing down on his desire to face Brady and Buccaneers

Chase Young says he’s not apologizing for calling out Tom Brady 

Plenty of people had something to say about Young and his desire to go against Brady. He’s very young and just starting his NFL career. Perhaps his desire will backfire on him, but he’s not worried about that right now. 

“I’m excited for every game,” Young told reporters Wednesday, via Bleacher Report’s Joseph Zucker. “Tom Brady? You think I won’t be excited to play against the GOAT? You trippin’. I’m not going to apologize for saying I want Tom.”

This man isn’t afraid of anything and he’s ready to see one of the greatest players to ever do it. Brady is a menace and he hasn’t told anything to Young. TB12 is somebody that speaks on the gridiron and that should worry Young. 

Recently, Bruce Arians responded to the young player, telling him that he should be careful what she wishes for since Brady has done this a lot while Young is only in his rookie season. He has a lot of talent but calling out big players like that isn’t a good move for him. 

"Both those kids from Ohio State, he and [Terry] McLaurin, are great kids. He's a handful, but so is Sweat, [Daron] Payne, the rest of those guys. Ryan Kerrigan, I've had a ton of respect for a long time," Arians said. "We'll have our hands full, but it's one of those games where you better watch what you wish for."

Everything is set for a big match this Saturday. The youth vs the experience, two teams trying to prove something this season and a player challenging one of the greatest to ever do it. It’s about to go down and fans can’t wait to see it.