It's not unusual for people to constantly compare the best players in sports, especially if they're from the same generation. The NFL isn't the exception to that rule, with experts comparing Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson every time they can.

And, even though they've both shut down the narrative of a rivalry in the past, it's pretty clear that they use each other as motivation. They're the youngest MVPs in NFL history and continue to improve year in and year out.

That's why Sammy Watkins -- who played with Mahomes for the past 3 years in Kansas City and now plays for the Ravens, cleared the air on how they don't want to admit they have a big rivalry.

Sammy Watkins Say Patrick Mahomes And Lamar Jackson Don't Want To Admit They Have A Rivalry

“I think those guys definitely view it that way,” Watkins said. You can say you’re not, but the world is watching two of the best, youngest MVPs in the league and very talented guys. I’m definitely looking at it that way like, man, Lamar needs to win. He’s been doing a great job in this league with how he’s carrying himself as a teammate and as a guy that does the right things off the field. I just think it’s time for him to take that next hump and try to get a win, and I hope this team, we prepare and the coaches prepare to do our best to will a win for the organization and him.”


They can say they're not rivals as much as they want but we all know the truth. Hopefully, this will be the NFL's prime rivalry for years to come, the same way it happened with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, or Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady and a quarterback set to be drafted in 2050.