All NFL franchises pay players bonuses and prizes for achieving certain goals during the season, but when the team wins the Super Bowl the players get a big fat check and a ring to thank them for their big sacrifice during the season.

The playoffs also make money for the players as most of them receive bonuses and prizes for winning any game in the Wild Card Round, Divisional Round and Conference Championship.

Some players get more than others, but in Super Bowl LVI the champions get the biggest amount as established by the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which is nothing more than the agreement signed between the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and the NFL.

How much do the champions get?

If the Bengals win Super Bowl LVI, they get a payment of $150,000, that's in addition to the bonuses they earned during the playoffs since the Bengals won 3 games in the playoffs (wild card, divisional and conference championship).

Other players like the quarterbacks, if they win the Super Bowl, they get special bonuses but from their contracts. In addition, the players' rings have a value of $36,500, in a nutshell the Super Bowl champions, apart from the $150,000, receive an average of $300,000.

Big game losers don't walk away empty handed, they also won playoff games to get to the Super Bowl so they also have money earned from those games. The losers of Super Bowl LVI get $75,000, half that of the champions.