Joe Burrow is closer than ever to a big record that is considered almost impossible among quarterbacks, the Triple Crown. It's a record that's made up of three big titles that quarterbacks must start collecting in college football before playing in the NFL.

The Bengals had a good season with Burrow as quarterback, and now that the team has made it to the Super Bowl to play the Los Angeles Rams with the possibility of winning a Super Bowl ring and a big record is on the table for Joe Burrow.

Other big quarterbacks of the 21st century couldn't win a triple crown because they didn't perform well in college football and even though they won a Super Bowl it didn't give them any kind of extra record beyond a ring.

What is the all-time record that Joe Burrow can achieve by winning the Super Bowl LVI?

Triple Crown, is a record that no other quarterback has in the history of the NFL, the triple crown is made up of an award, the Heisman Trophy, a college title, the National Football Championship and the Super Bowl.

Burrow won the Heisman Trophy and the CFP in 2019 as quarterback for the LSU Tigers under Ed Orgeron as head coach. In addition to the possible triple crown, Burrow has already set several records with the Bengals such as passer rating, completion percentage and playoff wins.