There is absolutely no doubt that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick built the most successful partnership in NFL recent history. Unfortunately, the quarterback left the New England Patriots and the head coach, but now some messages have proved they really miss each other.

Bill Belichick is seen as the master mind behind Tom Brady's success. Of course the quarterback's talent is undoubted, but the coach was the one who discovered him and worked alongside him to create a better player.

For the 2021 NFL season, Brady decided to take a different path and sign with the Buccaneers. Even though he has already won another Super Bowl, it seems like both are really missing each other nowadays.

Tom Brady's and Bill Belichick's messages prove they miss each other

It is true that Tom Brady's exit from New England shocked everybody, but nothing lasts forever. The quarterback wanted to prove himself somewhere else and he signed for the Buccaneers in 2021, leaving Bill Belichick alone in Boston.

Brady didn't have problems to adapt, but Belichick did. As today, the Patriots head coach has not been able to find Tom's replacement and the team has lost its domain in the AFC East.

But now, they both have revealed there is a certain feeling that they really miss each other. First, Belichick recognized Brady's 100,000 passing yards milestone and talked about what he thinks about the quarterback's career.

"That's a tremendous accomplishment by Tom (Brady) and a real credit to everything about him, his longevity, his accuracy, consistency, just doing so many things right in the passing game for so long, it's a phenomenal accomplishment," said Belichick to WEEI's The Greg Hill Show. "I'm really happy for him. Nobody deserves it more than he does."

Then, Brady responded with some kind words to Belichick and his job. “I just watch that team [Patriots] every week and [am] impressed by how they prepare and the accountability that that organization has had. And it starts at the top,” said on his Let’s Go! show on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio.

Of course there is mutual respect between these two, but isn't there a hidden message in those words? Could Brady make a return to New England soon to end his career?