Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers will visit Drew Brees and New Orleans Saints this Sunday in one of the best and most interesting games of the 2021 NFL divisional round. The Bucs and Saints will try to beat a divisional rival, curiously, and their two stars are already heating up the matchup. 

These two teams clashed twice in the regular season and New Orleans won both matches, but now the job will be harder for them. It’ll be a great duel between two talented squads but especially between two generational quarterbacks. 

Given their ages and how they land in this stage, it would be fair to say this is going to be the last time Brady and Brees see each other on the gridiron and they are already celebrating that moment. 

Tom Brady and Drew Brees mock themselves and their ages on social media 

TB12 recently shared a very funny pic of himself and Brees with grey, long beards, as he reacted to one idea that each one of his next games should be featured on History Channel. Well, Brady liked that and he delivered. 

Brees enjoyed that and he reacted on Twitter, praising Brady for the picture. These two guys will combine for 85 years this Sunday so it was fair to make that pic. 

This will be their third duel this season and the Saints will hope to keep their dominance over the Bucs this Sunday. Tom Brady is a machine in the playoffs and that should scare all the fans in New Orleans. 

The only certain thing now is that it’ll be a great showdown and we can’t wait to see what is going to happen when these two legends clash one last time on the gridiron for the chance to make it to the NFC Championship game.