Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay, joined the Buccaneers, and instantly changed the team, taking it to the Super Bowl LV and getting them the Vince Lombardi trophy after a big 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs at the start of the month. 

He left the shadow of Bill Belichick and went to win with a new head coach and with a different group of players. The veteran quarterback showed his quality and led this team to win it all when everybody believed he was done. 

Just like he did with the Bucs, Brady could have done with another team in the same conference. Adding TB12 would have been great for them but things didn’t play in their favor to land the now 7x NFL champion. 

Tom Brady could have played with the New Orleans Saints instead of the Buccaneers 

NFL Network correspondent Adam Schefter, one of the best people at his job, recently claimed that if the New Orleans Saints didn’t have Drews Brees back this season, Tom Brady would have taken that spot at the Mercedes Benz Superdome. 

Joining The Rich Eisen Show, Schefter made the big revelation, suggesting that Brady would have gone to New Orleans to replace Drew Brees if he decided to call it a career after the 2020 NFL season. 

“If he hadn’t come back, I really believe that there’s a chance that Tom Brady would have been the Saints quarterback this year. And he would have been playing in New Orleans not yet but that’s a different story.

“And so he came back now what is going through his mind once he steps away? There are so many players that plan to retire, wanna retire, and then to actually get them to it’s not a simple thing.

“And so, I’m not telling you he is still, I still think he will retire. But I don’t think these things are just black and white,” Schefter told Rich Eisen.

Brees has been flirting with retirement for the past two or three years and right now he remains active. Curiously, he faced Brady in the postseason and the Bucs took the W as visitors to continue their incredible run for the Super Bowl. We’ll never know how things would have worked for Brady in NOLA but we’re pretty sure he’s happy with how things worked out for him.