The Kansas City Chiefs have gained a new fan. Taylor Swift was spotted at Arrowhead Stadium for the game against the Chicago Bears, and the singer lost her mind when Travis Kelce, her alleged new boyfriend, scored a touchdown.

After several days of rumors, Taylor Swift may have confirmed her relationship with Travis Kelce. The singer had been linked to the tight end in previous weeks, and now she didn’t hesitate to display her feelings toward the player to the entire world.

During Week 3 of the 2023 NFL season, the Grammy award winner was seen in Travis Kelce’s suite at Arrowhead Stadium, accompanied by the player’s mother. The singer donned a Chiefs jacket and celebrated every touchdown scored by the team, including the one by the tight end.

Watch: Taylor Swift was left in shock after Travis Kelce’s touchdown vs. Bears

Taylor Swift may have put an end to the rumors about her new relationship. The American songwriter attended the Chiefs vs. Bears game, appearing in the suite of Travis Kelce, star tight end of Kansas City.

In previous weeks, Kelce revealed his intentions of dating the singer, and it seems like he achieved his objective. Swift appeared at Arrowhead Stadium, and she was very committed to her new team.

The artist celebrated every touchdown by Kansas City, but it was evident that her main focus was on Kelce. Fortunately, the tight end scored, and Swift enthusiastically cheered for him.

Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce in a relationship?

Even though Taylor Swift attended Arrowhead Stadium to cheer the Chiefs, it has not been officially confirmed whether she’s in a relationship with Travis Kelce, but, of course, the rumors are now more substantial.