The NFL is advancing and Week 6 of the 2022 season showed something really bizarre at California. During the game between Rams and Panthers, Robbie Anderson, Carolina's wide receiver, was ejected by his own team and everbody is questioning what really happened.

It has not been a great season for the Panthers. They are currently 1-5 and could be already thinking what's next for the 2023 season. Unfortunately, their pieces have not worked really well, including Robbie Anderson.

The wide receiver, who was expected to be one of the top players for the team this campaign, has had some troubles to prove what he is capable of. Now, he was ejected by the Panthers themselves in the middle of tons of questions about what happened between them.

Robbie Anderson shows he is not happy in Carolina and got ejected during Week 6 game against the Rams

Robbie Anderson was under the spotlight today, but not for what he did during Week 6 game against the Los Angeles Rams. The wide receiver got into a huge fight with the coaching staff and even got ejected for it.

It is not certain what made Robbie Anderson so mad. Cameras caught him not joining the offense during the talks and showing that he is no longer comfortable in Carolina.

According to some reports by NFL insiders, Robbie Anderson is set to be traded soon, so this could be the reason why he is no longer showing any effort with the Panthers.

In Week 6, Steve Wilks, interim head coach for the Panthers, had enough and ejected him during the game. Anderson's numbers are not the best as he has 13 receptions for 206 yards and only one touchdown, so he has not been at his best this season.

The Panthers are thinking in the future. It seems like Christian McCaffrey could be living his last days in Carolina and now he could be joined by Robbie Anderson as the players that will no longer stay with them for the rest of the season.