The Qatar 2022 World Cup is just around the corner. It will start on November 21. 32 national teams will participate in the most important soccer tournament in the world, 30 have already qualified, and it remains to be known whether the last two places will be occupied by Peru, Australia, Costa Rica, or New Zealand.

Players are anxious, coaches are anxious, and fans are anxious. Important tournaments are being played, such as the UEFA Nations League and in a few months, the leagues and the UEFA Champions League will also begin to be played, but the priority is the World Cup.

A report by The Times revealed which World Cup matches have the highest demand for tickets. And according to the data, Qatar, which is the host country, do not appear in the list of the most in-demand matches.

The top 5 matches with the highest tickets demand for Qatar 2022 World Cup 

As expected, the World Cup Final, to be played on December 18, is the match with the highest demand for tickets. According to the ranking, for the match to be played at the Lusail Stadium 3 million tickets have been ordered. The stadium has a capacity of 94,500 spectators.

What is striking is that the matches to be played by the Argentine national team in the group stage are the matches for which the most tickets have been ordered. The Top 5 is composed of the final match, Argentina's three matches, and the match between England and the United States.

The second match with the highest number of ticket requests is the match between Argentina and Mexico, to be played on Saturday, November 26, at the Education City Stadium in Doha. The stadium has a capacity of 45,350 spectators, and 2.5 million tickets have been ordered.

The third game with the highest demand for tickets is the match to be played between Argentina and Saudi Arabia at the Lusail Stadium. 1.4 million tickets were ordered. The match between England and the USMNT to be played on November 25 has the same number of tickets requested.

And the fifth match with the highest ticket demand is the match to be played between Argentina and Poland on November 30 at the Lusail Stadium, 1,100,000 tickets were requested.