The Spanish Super Cup is another small tournament in Spain where the top four teams from La Liga and Copa del Rey play not only for a trophy, but also for a big check if they win the final. But all the teams, win or lose, get money regardless of the result, although the biggest money bag is for the cup winner. The winner of the Spanish Super Cup final gets €3,800,000 euros.

The format of the Spanish Super Cup is simple, the four best teams, winner and runner-up of La Liga and Copa Del Rey play in the short tournament. The tournament is small but with a good complementary payment to what they already won in the tournaments mentioned above.

The other tournaments in Spain also offer a hefty sum of money to the winners and runners-up, but compared to the money prize of the Spanish Super Cup and how short the event is, it's a good amount of money to play a couple of games.

How much money does the winner of the Spanish Super Cup get?

€3.8 million euros is money prize for the Spanish Super Cup winner, but the runner-up (loser team) also receives a slice of €2.8 million euros. In the first stage of the tournament, semi-finals, the winners and losers get €800,000 each. Assuming that the winner of the Spanish Super Cup also won the semi-finals, the total they collect is €3.8m + €800k for a total of €4.6m.

Players get bonuses if they win the Spanish Super Cup, most of the bonuses are stated in their contracts. Apart from the money, some players get special awards such as top goal scorer, top goalkeeper, best defender, among others, but it is unlikely that they will get paid for those awards.