Colombia are getting ready for their return to competition at the South American World Cup Qualifiers 2022. The Cafeteros will play against Bolivia on Thursday, September 2 to open the triple matchday of this international window. However, fans will miss James Rodríguez, who wasn’t called on for the team. 

As it already happened on the previous date and during the Copa América in Brazil, Reinaldo Rueda has decided not to count with Everton’s midfielder. Rodriguez was once the heart and soul of the team but he definitely has lost that place. 

While for the Copa America, Rueda said that he didn’t call James because the player was recovering from an injury. This time the explanation is different. Here, check out why the former Real Madrid player isn’t in Colombia’s squad. 

Why isn’t James Rodríguez in Colombia’s roster? 

The No. 10  of Colombia has been going through a difficult time for a couple of months. After suffering from various muscular issues at the end of the season with Everton, James wasn’t fit to play for the Copa America. At least, that’s what Rueda explained. But to the player, it was just a “managerial decision”.

Rodríguez publicly addressed his sadness for not being called to play in the Copa America. "It's a decision from the coaching staff which I don't agree with because they disrespected me," James said. These words seem to imply that it was some kind of problem between the player and the coach. 

While it might be something about their relationship, it seems like Reinaldo Rueda simply doesn’t think James is fit enough to play with the team. An assumption that it doesn’t seem so crazy after James hasn’t played a single minute with Everton this season and he was trying to solve his future. Also, he’s been isolated due to close contact with a positive Covid-19 case. 

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