The last South American qualifiers had this team as the best one in the beginning. Ecuador started faster than all of their direct opponents to take an early advantage that they didn’t waste. They will now be in a transition after their path in the World Cup.

Qatar wasn’t as favorable as they were expecting despite opening the right way. The 2-0 win they got against the host country was the main step, although they couldn’t keep up the results. They played a decent game vs the Netherlands getting only a 1-1 that meant the clash with Senegal was going to decide their faith.

The Ecuadorians just needed a tie to finish in the second-place of group A. Unfortunately they didn’t get it done since they lost 2-1. Their elimination shouldn’t erase how competitive they have been lately.

The 2023 schedule of Ecuador national soccer team

The base for this nation to be in the World Cup has always been their home performances. That’s were they get the most out of their players, so that must continue. But there is no doubt that it may take some time to adapt to their new head coach.

The exit in Qatar also had Argentinian Gustavo Alfaro leaving his position after a successful run. Although there is a bit of uncertainty because they haven’t named a replacement yet. In that regard they may be the most benefited team with the postponement of the qualifiers.

CONMEBOL had March as the time to begin the tournament that will send its representatives to the World Cup, ultimately changing it to June. It’s a helpful decision for Ecuador since they can use the next FIFA window to play international friendly games. At least there will be two more spots than usual to the main event.

Ecuador national soccer team schedule: List of games in 2023

March 20: Australia vs Ecuador in Australia. International friendly game.
March 28: Australia vs Ecuador in Australia. International friendly game.
June: International friendly games, two matchups.
September: Argentina vs Ecuador. Matchday 1 of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.
September: Ecuador vs Uruguay. Matchday 2 of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.
October: Bolivia vs Ecuador. Matchday 3 of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.
October: Ecuador vs Colombia. Matchday 4 of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.
November: Venezuela vs Ecuador. Matchday 5 of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.
November: Ecuador vs Chile. Matchday 6 of the CONMEBOL qualifiers.