Argentina climbed to the top of the sport in December for their performances in Qatar. The team led by Lionel Messi made history with a run that will stay in the record books. It was their third World Cup ever that turned into a massive celebration.

The Argentinians were set to play a friendly game against Panama at Estadio Monumental, in Buenos Aires. This stadium has space for a little over 80000 people, but there wasn’t even one seat available minutes after the ticket sale began.

Around one million fans tried to get one, although most had to watch it on TV due to the high demand. However, those who were able to get a ticket did their best to be as loud as possible. All the hit songs were part of the celebration.

Argentina fans create perfect atmosphere to celebrate World Cup title

There were more than four million people that gathered to receive the team in December despite the high temperatures of the Argentinian summer. In the whole country the party continued for days, but it is still not over. Argentina even had to suspend the parade back then for how chaotic it turned out being. The celebration continued against Panama on Thursday.