Manchester City’s roster is full of world-class talent in what seems to be the most complete team in the world. The acquisition of Erling Haaland added a lot of firepower on attack, but there is another player that is key for how the team works together. The pair that Pep Guardiola has on Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva gives the squad top playmakers capable of solving complicated games.

Silva began his career in Benfica before being transferred to Ligue 1’s Monaco. His participation there was so good that he attracted the Cityzens’ attention. He moved to his current team in 2017, gaining importance in the lineup year after year. The Portuguese star can play in many positions in the field, so he is also wanted by other rich clubs.

Last offseason he was close to leaving Manchester City to go play for another famous club like Barcelona. Head coach Xavi Hernandez’s desire to have the midfielder on his side was what added extra interest, but Guardiola ultimately shut that down. Find out how much does this highly sought-after player make.

How much does Bernardo Silva make?

One reason that may have made him think about leaving was his sort of outdated salary compared to other European stars of his caliber. According to Spotrac, Silva signed a six-year contract in July of 2019 that expires after the 2024-2025 season. The amount that this 28-year-old star makes is 7.8 million pounds per year after that extension.

Silva then has a £650.000 monthly salary or £150.000 per week in Manchester City. It remains to be seen if this will be his last season in the Premier League club after all the talks that took place a around August around his potential blockbuster sale. But for now, the £21.369 daily, £890 hourly or even £14.8 per minute is what he has to “settle” with.