Bolivia and Colombia meet in the South American World Cup Qualifiers 2022. This game will take place at Estadio Hernando Siles today, September 2, 2021 at 4:00 PM (ET). Boliva and Colombia want to use their best players for this game, which can be watched in the US with FuboTV. Here is all the detailed information about this World Cup Qualifiers potential lineups.

Boliva wants to win this game at all costs. They are in the eighth position of the standings in the South American World Cup Qualifiers 2022 with five points. But bad luck accompanies “La Verde” (Bolivia’s nickname). Just one win and one draw in the last two games of the 2022 qualifiers.

Colombia had two recent positive results in the 2022 qualifiers. The first was a 0-3 win against Peru in Lima. After that game the Colombian team suffered a draw against Argentina 2-2 at home. They are in the fifth position of the standings with eight points.

Bolivia confirmed lineup

Cesar Farias, Bolivia's head coach, has confidence in his players. He knows that the South American World Cup Qualifiers 2022 are tough games for most nations. But Cesar Farias has an available roster full of talented local players and some with international experience.

After the victory against Venezuela 3-1 and the draw against Chile 1-1, things have been for the better for the Bolivian team. The first games in 2020 were a disaster due to the absence of several players on the roster, most of them were sick with Covid-19.

This will be Bolivia’s lineup for this game: Carlos Lampe (GK), Diego Bejarano (DF), Luis Haquin (DF), Adrian Jusino (DF), Robert C. Fernandez (DF), Erwin Saavedra (MF), Moises Villaroel Angulo (MF), Juan Carlos Arce (MF), Jeyson Chura (MF), Rodrigo Ramallo (MF), Marcelo Moreno Martins (FW).

Colombia confirmed lineup

Colombia has a star-studded roster. Colombia head coach, Reinaldo Rueda, knows that if a player is unavailable due to injury or illness, he can quickly find a replacement on the 26-player roster for the next three games of the 2022 South American World Cup Qualifiers.

The starters are known to most of the fans in Colombia. All the players on the roster have international experience in Europe or other South American and North American countries. Experience is key to win the qualifiers games in the South American group.

This will be Colombia’s lineup for this game: David Ospina (GK), Daniel Muñoz (DF), Oscar Murillo (DF), Davinson Sanchez (DF), William Tesillo (DF), Wilmar Barrios (MF), Matheus Uribe (MF), Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (MF), Juanfer Quintero (MF), Luis Diaz (MF), Roger Martinez (FW).