The PSG started the Ligue 1 with a 1-2 win over Troyes, but the Paris giants had to fight for it as their rivals scored first. The debut of the PSG in the French league didn’t go by unnoticed as the soccer community is already imagining how Mauricio Pochettino’s team will be if Lionel Messi finally decides to sign with them. 

Paris Saint Germain started losing after conceding a goal from Oualid El Hajjam 9 minutes into the match. But Achraf Hakimi and Mauro Icardi scored ten minutes later to turn things around. Without Neymar, Mbappé, who is rumored to be connected with Real Madrid,  was supposed to be the star but he couldn’t score. 

While PSG is the better team, Troyes put up a fight. The host actually had more shots on goal than the visitors, and they disputed the ball possession. PSG tried to expand their advantage but, despite having some chances, failed to do so. 

PSG debut in Ligue 1 with a win and expecting Messi: Memes and reactions 

On the other hand, while the Parisians were losing, fans on the Internet were quick to make jokes on the internet about the team’s form. Let’s remember that PSG didn’t win the Ligue 1 last year for the first time since 2016. Of course, fans are eager to come back to the top. 

The reactions didn’t stop there, as memes about how Messi, Neymar and Mbappé would play together, the level of the Ligue 1 and even if Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City would still have a chance to sign the Argentinian. Here, check out the funniest memes and reactions: 



For now, PSG fans have to wait for the official announcement of Lionel Messi’s signing for the Parisian Club. The Argentinian is set to speak about this departure from FC Barcelona on Sunday at the Camp Nou. 

While it seems surreal that Lionel Messi will play for another club, his exit from Barcelona would mean a new challenge for him and the possibility of winning the Champions League one more time in his career.