Even after the images of brutal police repression suffered by Argentine fans at Maracana Stadium, prior to the game against Brazil on Matchday 6 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, FIFA is considering a big sanction for Argentina.

Following an official statement issued by Gianni Infantino, who only condemned the violence without announcing any punishment for the Brazilian national team, FIFA has started an investigation.

“The violence in soccer is entirely unacceptable, both on and off the field. Incidents like those that occurred during the FIFA World Cup qualifying match between Brazil and Argentina at the Maracana Stadium are unacceptable in our sport and in our society. Without exception, all players, fans, staff, and officials must feel safe and protected to play and enjoy soccer. I urge the relevant authorities to ensure that this is respected in all contexts.”

As expected, FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings against the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), but, in a surprising turn of events, the organism did the same with the Argentine Football Association (AFA).

Argentina could be punished after incidents in Brazil

FIFA accused the CBF, host of the match at Rio de Janeiro, of “potential violations of Article 17” of the disciplinary code, which stipulates rules regarding the order and security of matches.

On the other hand, AFA will have to answer for possible infractions of Articles 17.2 because of “inappropriate behavior of fans” and 14.5 regarding a delay in the start of the match.

It’s important to remember that Lionel Messi gave the order to his teammates of leaving the field as there was no security guaranteed because of the incidents with the police and Argentine fans.

After approaching the area to try to calm the situation, the players returned to the locker room. Then, following talks with Conmebol’s officials, they came back to start the match.

Both the Brazilian Football Confederation and the Argentine Football Association could face various sanctions ranging from fines to matches without spectators. In the case of Brazil, there could partial or total closure of the stadium or the obligation to play their home matches on a neutral field.

SURVEY Should Argentina be punished even after the attacks suffered by their fans in Brazil?

Should Argentina be punished even after the attacks suffered by their fans in Brazil?