Panama has made history in the 2023 Gold Cup. In the Semifinals of the competition, the Canaleros defeated the USMNT in penalty shoot out. How many times have they reached the tournament’s Final?

The 2023 Gold Cup is entering its final stage. In the tournament’s Semifinals, the USMNT faced a formidable opponent such as Panama. They attempted to leverage the home advantage in their favor, but it proved insufficient to overcome the Central American squad.

In regular time, neither of the two squads was able to score. In overtime, Ivan Anderson broke the deadlock and scored the first goal of the match, but the USMNT equalized five minutes later through Jesus Ferreira. However, Panama had the upper hand in the penalty shootout and emerged victorious with a 5-4 win.

Gold Cup: How many times has Panama reached the tournament’s Final?

The 2023 Gold Cup is nearing its end. In the Semifinals, the USMNT had hopes of defeating Panama, but the Canaleros played an incredible game, ultimately defeating them in a penalty shootout to secure a spot in the grand Final.

Panama has made history. This will be the third time they reach the Gold Cup Final, as they played the game for the title in 2005 and 2013. In both years, the Central American team was defeated by the United States.

Now, Panama awaits its opponent. In the other Semifinal, Mexico is up against Jamaica. If the Caribbean squad wins, it would be the first time since 2000 that the Final does not feature either the USMNT or El Tri competing for the title.