Many soccer experts consider Kevin de Bruyne of Manchester City to be among the greatest and most talented midfielders of all time. The 31-year-old, dubbed the 'complete footballer', is widely regarded as one of the most gifted athletes of his time due to his exceptional skill as a passer, distributor, and ball handler.

Not only his teammates and his manager Pep Guardiola but also his club's rivals, adore the Belgian playmaker and have twice voted him player of the year in the Premier League. It didn't take long for everyone to realize that Kevin De Bruyne was one of the most talented midfielders in Europe.

He joined Manchester City in 2015 and quickly rose to become one of the sport's all-time greats. After joining the Citizens, he quickly became one of their all-time greats, playing a key role in four of their Premier League wins and five Carabao Cup triumphs.

Kevin de Bruyne's contract with Manchester City

Kevin De Bruyne has committed to Manchester City until 2025 after signing a contract extension for another two years in 2021. His previous contract was set to expire in June 2023, but now he will spend the vast majority of the rest of his career in England. Negotiations between the two parties were attended by the player's father, attorney, and two representatives from his agency, RocNation.

One way in which he stood apart from other players was that the Belgian midfielder personally oversaw all contract negotiations. His advisors' only purpose was to provide counsel. From the previous time they sat down to talk terms, De Bruyne felt his worth to the squad and his performance had improved.

How much does Kevin de Bruyne make a week?

Through statistical analysis, De Bruyne was able to demonstrate to City his lasting importance to the squad as their most important player, resulting in a hefty pay rise for him under the new contract.

It is believed that the playmaker's salary has increased from the previous £350,000, making him City's highest-paid player with an annual salary of £20.8 million (€24 million), as per Capology. Taking this account, De Bruyne would earn about €2 million per month or €461,000 (£400,000) a week. That would make it nearly €92,000 a day, or around €11,500 per hour, or €193 per minute.