His arrival from Bayern Munich in 2014 came in the perfect moment of his career. Toni Kroos made the switch to Real Madrid in the wake of his 2014 World Cup triumph with Germany and it's been a wonderful ride in the Spanish capital since then.

However, all good things eventually come to an end, and Kroos' career at Santiago Bernabeu won't be the exception. The 32-year-old, who retired from international soccer, will have to make a big decision with his contract expiring in June 2023.

Kroos is still a pivotal player for Los Blancos, who remain as contenders for the La Liga and Champions League trophies, but he knows he'll have to seriously think about his future. In an interview with Sky Sports, he revealed his three conditions to extend his stay in Madrid.

1. He and Real Madrid must be on the same level

Toni Kroos claims he feels 'completely fine' at Real Madrid but some things must happen for him to renew his contract next year. "The first thing is that the level of the team and mine must match," Kroos told Sky Sports, as quoted by As in Spanish. If next year he feels he's unable to perform like the rest of the team can, or vice versa, he wouldn't continue at the club.

2. Kroos must be in good physical condition

By the time his contract with Real Madrid runs out, Toni Kroos will be 33 years old. That's why the second condition to sign a new deal will depend on his fitness. To continue in Madrid, Kroos needs to be sure he can handle the workload.

3. He must feel the desire to stay

And last but not least, Toni Kroos has also emphasized the motivation he must feel before signing a new contract with Los Blancos. Real Madrid's standards are always high and he won't commit to another deal if he doesn't feel the desire any player should have at such a big club.

However, he and Real Madrid still have a lot of time to sit down to discuss about the future. In the meantime, it will probably be for the better if they concentrate on the second half of the current season as there's a lot at stake. It's important to note, though, that Kroos said he wants to finish his career with Real Madrid and is optimistic about it.