Gareth Bale has already begun to deliver for his new club LAFC in Major League Soccer. The Welsh international, who will be a rival of the USMNT come the World Cup in Qatar, wanted a new challenge as well as proper preparation for the big event in November.

Enter LAFC, one of the best teams in the league, and a team on the cusp of winning MLS Cup after only entering the league in 2018. Bale has played only 4 games but has already scored 2 goals and begun to showcase his world class talent on a team that has the best record in all of MLS this season.

How Gareth Bale eventually came to MLS is a story with many moving parts, with a lot of people playing major or small roles in the process. Now according to LAFC’s General Manager John Thorrington, part owner and actor Will Ferrell was just as important as the club’s pitch to the former Tottenham player.

How Will Ferrell convinced Gareth Bale to join LAFC

In a statement to the Sun Thorrington said, “I can't remember exactly what stage in the conversation it was but (Bale) did receive a personal message from Will Ferrell.”


What was in the message has not been made public, but Thorrington believes it was icing on the cake to get Bale’s signature. “I will tell you the absolute, honest truth, until I saw a signature, I never believed it would happen. I credit our staff, as well as Gareth and his representatives, who were fantastic to work with throughout” Thorrington stated.

For LAFC it has already paid off as Bale has scored goals and is enjoying his run of form in MLS. Bale plays alongside Carlos Vela, Cristian Arango, Giorgio Chiellini, and Brian Rodríguez at the club.