Seattle Sounders and Club Leon will face each other in the final of the Leagues Cup 2021 on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The winner will succeed Cruz Azul as the defending champions in the second edition of this tournament. 

The Leagues Cup is organized by the Major League Soccer and Liga MX. While it was originally planned that sixteen teams were going to participate, it was reduced to eight teams after last year's edition was cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

Given that the tournament is still in early stages, only in the second edition, there’s still room for improvement and there’s still a need to find legitimacy. Also the teams need a reason to want to compete for the trophy. Here, check out what is the prize for the winner of the Leagues Cup. 

Leagues Cup 2021: Is there prize money for the champions?

Well, according to the latest reports on the matter, there’s no prize money established for the champions of the Leagues Cup yet. When the tournament started in 2019, journalist David Medrano said that there wasn’t an economic incentive for playing in the competition. 

In the 2019 edition, always according to Medrano, the Mexican clubs only earned what they got from their American rival in the competition. The winner does get a trophy, which consists of a 22-pound (10.0 kg) silver bowl atop a pedestal and they get a replica for 12 months. 

Medrano also explained that Major League Soccer and Liga MX were planning to add more sponsors. This year, the Leagues Cup 2021 is sponsored by BODYARMOR, GEICO, MGM Resorts International and Procter & Gamble.