Paris Saint-Germain have re-signed Kylian Mbappe, making him one of the world's most highly paid sportsmen. For the next three years, the France international will remain in Paris after signing a new three-year deal with the Ligue 1 returning champions.

On June 30, 2022, the striker's contract at the Parc des Princes was set to expire after the French club rejected a world record transfer bid from Real Madrid. Many had anticipated him to join Real Madrid on a free transfer in the summer, with stories stating he had given the Spanish giants his word that he would. 

Earlier during the season, the Frenchman had been widely reported as having a verbal agreement to join the La Liga ginats, and the striker had recently intimated that he was open to a transfer to the Spanish capital. In the end, he decided against the transfer and instead secured a lucrative contract in Paris instead.

Kylian Mbappe's contract with PSG

Spanish newspaper Marca has disclosed the statistics, claiming that the Frenchman is now the highest-paid player in the world because of his new deal in Paris. On top of a reported €180 million signing bonus and full control of his image rights at Parc des Princes, they assert that Kylian Mbappe is now earning €50 million per year.

With this salary, he is now PSG's highest-paid player in the world, and by a considerable margin. At PSG, he has surpassed Lionel Messi who earns €37.9 million in yearly salary.

How much does Kylian Mbappe make a week?

Taking into account his €50 million annual salary, Kylian Mbappe would earn about €4.3 milllion per month or €1 million a week. That would make it nearly €212,000 a day, or around €25,000 per hour, or €416 per minute.

If you're looking for the highest-paying contract ever offered to a player, look no further than Lionel Messi's last years at Barcelona. With PSG, he had to accept a wage cut of €40 million in 2021.