Lionel Messi will play for Inter Miami. After two very complicated years with PSG, the star from Argentina put his family first to choose MLS as the next destination. Now, everyone wants tickets including Sergio Kun Aguero.

Messi had many options. A return to Barcelona was probably the most important one as his wife and sons wanted to live in that city. He also had a massive offer from Saudi Arabia to join names such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema.

In the end, the soccer legend picked Inter Miami and the date for his possible debut has created an epic rush to be there. During a chat with his best friend, Aguero and Messi couldn’t believe what’s happening.

Lionel Messi confirms Kun Aguero there are no tickets for his Inter Miami debut

Sergio Aguero is one of Lionel Messi’s best friends, and, as a consequence, they were constantly talking about the big decision. During an interview with ESPN Argentina, Kun admitted Messi cannot believe the sudden impact to buy tickets for his debut.

“Yes. He goes to Miami. He’s just following me everywhere (laughs). I just asked him for a ticket and he told me: ‘It’s sold out. There are no tickets. I don’t know what’s happening’.”

Aguero recognized he was a little bit shocked after finding out Inter Miami was the final choice. “It was really a surprise for everyone, because there were many rumors about Barcelona. In the end, it was his decision searching for happiness and to take the pressure off about constantly winning.”

Though many people have criticized Lionel Messi for leaving Europe, Kun Aguero totally understands the situation. “I think he made the right choice looking for his family’s happiness. We talked about it, but I just sent him the MLS standings and said: Listen, your team are way back (last place). He just laughed about it.”

Finally, if Messi gets him a ticket, Kun Aguero guaranteed he’ll be on a front row seat to support him. “Of course I’m going to go and watch him play. The World Series of Poker are there (Miami), so I have to be there. When you play with more freedom and enjoying, things work out better.”