2020 was a very changing season for Panamá national team, which got some big wins and also suffered some painful defeats. 2021 is finally here and they’re ready to face a series of matches that can give them the chance to play for meaningful teams. 

The Central American country will have a very entertaining schedule this year and it’s time to break down when they’re playing, the locations and the rivals for each match. They will try to relive old glories and return to the FIFA World Cup and the CONCACAF tournament will be relatively easy in the first stages. 

They will also play in the Gold Cup as well as international friendlies. It’s time to go through this calendar that will see Panama playing to reach big things. It won’t be easy but they already defeated the odds a couple of years ago. 

Panamá schedule for international friendlies 

The team will return to action this month, with two friendly matches. Last year didn’t end the best way for the after conceding six goals against USMNT in Austria, in a game that was hard-fought until the North American went off. 

Martinique vs Panamá - January 19 at Stade Pierre-Aliker

Panamá starts their journey this year by visiting Martinique at Stade Pierre-Aliker. They will try to start this season better than they finished the prior one and this team gives them the perfect chance to do so. 

Guadalupe vs Panamá - January 22 at Stade René Serge Nabajoth

After their trip to Martinique, three days later they will visit Guadalupe, who will host them at Stade René Serge Nabajoth. They will face two things that one imagines won’t make life hard for the team. 

Panamá schedule for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Two months after their first friendly matches of the year, Panamá will play the first two of four rounds of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. They will face rivals that shouldn’t give them many problems at this stage of the tournament. 

Panamá vs Barbados - March 25 at Estadio Rommel Fernández Gutiérrez

The first game of the qualifiers will see Panama receiving Barbados at home, trying to start a journey that can take them to the 2020 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The competition will be big now since there are less time than before to play all the games. 

República Dominicana vs Panamá - March 27 at Estadio Panamericano

After their game vs Barbados, Panamá travel to República Dominicana to face the Caribbean team in a very entertaining duel. Although this game would be a complete show in a different sport, these squads are ready to give their all trying to make it to the WC. 

Anguilla vs Panamá - June 5 at Ronald Webster Park

The third game of the first round of the CONCACAF qualifiers will see Anguilla receiving Panamá in a game that shouldn’t be that hard for the Central Americans. 

Panamá vs Dominica - June 8 at Estadio Rommel Fernández Gutiérrez

To close the first round of this tournament and the qualifiers for this year, Panamá receives Dominica at Estadio Rommel Fernández Gutiérrez. 

Panamá schedule for the 2022 CONCACAF Gold Cup 

After they’re done with the FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Panamá will start a new edition of the CONCACAF Gold Cup. They will be part of Group D, where Honduras, Granada and Qatar will wait for them. 

Panamá vs (Honduras/Granada/Qatar) - July 13 

(Honduras/Granada/Qatar) vs Panamá - July 17

Panamá vs (Honduras/Granada/Qatar) - July 21