Paul Pogba's story at Manchester United has come to an end. After six years, the Frenchman is no longer a Red Devils player and has left the club as a free agent. The 29-year-old midfielder was never able to play at his best at the Premier League, and all seems to indicate that he will return to Juventus, where he shined.

Pogba joined Manchester United in 2016 from La Vecchia Signora for 105 million euros, making it the most expensive purchase in the Red Devils' history to date. Pogba arrived as a star but was never able to shine.

During his period at Manchester United, he played 232 games, scored 39 goals, and provided 51 assists. The Frenchman never seemed to feel entirely comfortable at the Premier League and had problems with some coaches and with the fans. He spoke of his time at Manchester United in 'The Pogmentary', a documentary about him.

Pogba talks about his Manchester United exit

Paul Pogba has compared himself to Jesus and claimed Manchester United failed to seduce him in his new Amazon Prime documentary series. The Frenchman explains why he left United as a free agent, saying: “When you like a girl, you do everything to seduce her, and you don’t wait for her to leave to chase after her. A player has to feel important in his team, his club. If you don’t have that, it’s over.”

The documentary shows Pogba turning down an offer from Red Devils officials, who had offered him £300,000 per week. About that offer, Pogba told his deceased agent, Mino Raiola: “They’re bluffing. How can you tell a player you absolutely want him and offer him nothing? Never seen that”.

The 29-year-old Frenchman also compares his situation at Manchester United to what Jesus had to endure: “As long as my players and my family are happy, I don't care if the others aren't. Even Jesus wasn’t unanimously rejected, they still crucified him”, he stated.

Pogba, speaking in his documentary also says: “My thought process is to show Manchester United that they made a mistake in waiting to give me a contract. And to show other clubs that Manchester had made a mistake in not offering me a contract.”

The documentary has five chapters, which show the situation lived by Pogba at Manchester United, recollections, and reflections of the player. It will also show moments of the Frenchman with his friends and in intimacy with his family. At the end, Pogba says: “OK, you know all my story, my life, my family, my friends. You have shared my joys, my doubts about the future. It is only the beginning!”.