The European Super League shocked the soccer community for a bit more than 48 hours in which social media was flooded with concern and opposition to the new tournament encouraged by twelve giants of this sport. Liverpool were among them, but just like it happened with the other Premier League sides, they had to back down following the disapproval from supporters and many important figures from the soccer world.

The Reds have been struggling this season, failing to fight for a back-to-back domestic championship and being condemned to finish trophyless after early eliminations in every tournament. But asides from their ups and downs throughout the 2020/21 campaign, mainly due to their bad luck with continuously injured players, the Merseyside team has also faced financial problems

Last summer, they've acquired Thiago in what seemed like a great move for a bargain €30 million, but they weren't willing to spend more than that. The Super League plans emphasized the budget relief it would provide all participants, who were supposedly hit badly by the pandemic. While the Reds are no longer attached to the new league, their economy doesn't seem to have changed. However, they are linked to an expensive move for a megastar.

The Reds are reportedly ready for a mind-blowing offer 

According to The Liverpool Offside of SBNation, multiple Spanish reports link Liverpool to a potential move for Jadon Sancho, Borussia Dortmund's dazzling attacker. The 21-year-old permanently hogs the spotlight in every transfer market, and he was believed to be on Manchester United's plans for a long time.

Liverpool are reportedly interested in Jadon Sancho (Getty).

Still, anytime the wonderful English player was involved in any transfer rumors, the expensive figures that Dortmund required to sell their star were too high for any club to satisfy. The current campaign hasn't even ended and yet Sancho is once again linked to a new destination.

The pandemic outbreak was a massive blow for clubs. Transfer fees decreased a lot and the activity for purchasing players went down deeply compared to previous years. As Liverpool suffered with that impact as well, is it possible that they suddenly make a €100 million move? That's the asking price that Dortmund has reportedly settled for Sancho.

It seems unlikely. It would make much more sense that such an effort would be assigned for reinforcement at the back. But then again, a tough season like the current one has probably forced the Reds to consider a serious change in their squad, and even though their front three is extremely talented, Sancho would be a massive boost for a comeback year.