Paris Saint-Germain did everything they wanted with Barcelona in the first game of the last-16 round of the 2020/21 UEFA Champion League, even without Neymar Jr playing against his former team. The French side landed in Catalunya ready to roll and they did it behind Kylian Mbappe’s big night, scoring three goals and trashing the Spanish giants who couldn’t stop the 2018 FIFA World Cup Champion. 

After a very close 60 minutes of play, the young player took care of things and propelled his side to the win over the team that eliminated them in 2017 in a very dramatic way. Well, Kylian wasn’t part of that team but he made sure to leave his mark on this game, demolishing the Blaugrana in a big fashion. 

In the end, PSG won 1-4 at Camp Nou, with Barcelona leaving a lot of doubts about their game while Mauricio Pochettino’s side couldn’t play better and now are ready to defend this result in France in two weeks from now. 

Fans troll Barcelona after 1-4 result against Paris Saint-Germain 

After the game was over, soccer fans flooded social media to express their opinions on this matter. While some showed their concerns regarding Barca’s level, others trolled the Spanish side and made fun of their poor performance. 

Barcelona are going through a big crisis now, struggling to get the results in Copa del Rey and now the Champions League while the La Liga is a tournament dominated by Atlético Madrid right now. Ever since last year, they haven’t been that dangerous team that dominated every competition they played, and PSG worsened their current situation.