Kylian Mbappé is staying at PSG, the news sent shockwaves through the soccer world as the 2018 World Cup winner did the unthinkable, snub Real Madrid. For Mbappé, he sent the world a message that the 23-year-old wants to make PSG an elite club in world soccer.

One club that was not upset at all by Kylian Mbappé’s decision was Monaco. The speedy forward played for The Monégasques from 2015- 2018. At Monaco the eventual best in the world category scored 27 goals in 60 games across all competitions. Mbappé would win Ligue 1 with Monaco in 2016/17 before moving to PSG.

According to RMC Sport, the fact that Kylian Mbappé decided to stay at PSG has automatically triggered a clause in PSG’s and Monaco’s original agreement that will give The Monégasques an influx of €35 million.

Why does PSG have to pay Monaco €35 million for Kylian Mbappé?

According to RMC Sport the reason PSG must pay their French league rivals the sum of €35 million is because in their original agreement there was a clause in the contract that determined if Mbappé were to be sold to another club or resign with PSG that sum of money was supposed to go to Monaco.

Basically, a win-win situation for the club Mbappé got his start in. According to the report the deal between Monaco and PSG was broken down to three payments totaling €180 million.

Kylian Mbappé's transfer to PSG from Monaco was done in the following installments:

  • First payment: €90M
  • Second payment: €55M
  • Final payment: €35M

For Monaco it is basically a player transfer without having to sell one of their players, for PSG it’s most likely chump change compared to what Mbappé will generate for the club in the next few seasons.

Mbappé is quickly becoming one of the most popular players in world soccer and is the heir apparent to take the thrown as world best when Messi and Ronaldo step aside.

For Real Madrid the non-signing of Mbappé is a huge black eye for the club that negotiated for over a year to sign the French star. After the long courtship in which Madrid also set aside talks with Erling Haaland the Spanish giants were able to sign neither player.