They did it once with Luis Suarez maybe they can do it with Nicolás Lodeiro. Nacional of Uruguay continues to think big as the club is ready to take on 2023 in a post Suarez world and looking for a deep run in the Copa Libertadores.

On Friday on the radio program Ultimo Arco, Club Nacional de Football president José Fuentes stated that the club is still hoping that Nicolás Lodeiro could return.

Fuentes told reporter Martin Charquero, “We are going to do everything possible for Nicolás Lodeiro to come. In case he wants to come, we will be delighted. We will respect his decision as always."

Nicolás Lodeiro’s Seattle Sounders contract situation

The quote by Nacional’s president seems like wishful thinking, Lodeiro has a contract with MLS and the Sounders until December of 2023. Despite the Sounders having a disappointing regular season, the club did win the Concacaf Champions League and is set to play in the Club World Cup eventually.

Lodeiro has been a huge part of the Sounders offense and while the club will be adjusting, reports indicate that the Sounders will not go through a major overhaul. Lodeiro’s departure would depend on a number of factors, one that has surfaced in Uruguay over the years is of an ill relative and also how the Sounders view their needs after a season where the club missed the playoffs for the first time in team history.

According to Charquero conversations between the playmaker and Nacional have been ongoing and this has opened the door for Fuentes to make the statement he has of a possible Lodeiro return. Nicolás Lodeiro earns $3.25 million a year according to the MLSPU.