Sergio Aguero's successful spell with Manchester City will come to an end this summer when his deal with the Citizens expires. The 32-year-old is still considered a world-class striker that can provide goals and talent for any team, and is one of the big names on the market for next season

The Argentine struggled since soccer returned after the lockdown due to injuries that sidelined him for several games. However, as the top player he is, 'El Kun' still has a lot to offer and would be a huge signing for any team in the upcoming transfer window.

Landing a striker like Aguero without paying a transfer fee doesn't happen every day so he will probably be the most interesting free agent available. After today was announced that he won't be signing a new contract with City, there are already many candidates looking forward to bringing him in. 

European giants interested in 'El Kun'

Aguero has always been a target for many powerful teams in Europe, but no one could take him out of Manchester City, where he enjoyed first-team playing, received a lucrative salary, and conquered many trophies as well.

Now that the possibility of signing him really exists, and even without having to hand large sums of money to another team, a fierce race to acquire him will probably take place. According to multiple reports, Barcelona, Juventus, and PSG are interested in Aguero.

Will Aguero be reunited with his friend Messi in Barcelona? (Getty).

The rumors that linked the Argentine with Barcelona began a long time ago, even before his contract was reaching its final months. His friendship with Barca's idol Lionel Messi has been always a reason why this move seemed to be possible, and since the captain's future became uncertain, it was reported that Barcelona's board would like to bring Aguero to attract Messi to stay. 

Juventus and PSG, on the other hand, could also be possible destinations for 'El Kun'. The Italian team wants to make changes after an early Champions League exit this season, following several years of failing to claim this prize. Paulo Dybala, Aguero's compatriot, would be transfer listed, opening space for a talented option in attack.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that Paris Saint Germain may try to let another Argentine go too. The French side may release Mauro Icardi and Aguero could be considered to replace him. After all, 'El Kun' had successful years in Europe and still has some years of top performances to offer. 

What if Aguero chooses to move to the MLS?

Sergio Aguero heads to free agency at the end of the season (Getty).

Despite Sergio Aguero has always been a top figure in European's elite level, it can't be denied that he's getting to the final stages of his career. That doesn't mean that he can't perform at the top right now, but 'El Kun' will probably be tempted with other offers thinking on the long-term

Going to a team like Barca, Juve, or PSG could be huge, but probably won't last more than two or three years. The MLS can offer Aguero longer contracts instead. And he may even get paid well enough to accept it.

But which teams could afford him? Well, some teams may be capable of convincing Aguero. Inter Miami, Los Angeles Galaxy, and Los Angeles FC could be those sides. 

Is David Beckham making another impressive move for his Inter Miami? (Getty).

The team from South Florida has a worldwide figure like David Beckham behind and from their very first season in the MLS they have brought big names such as Gonzalo Higuaín and Blaise Matuidi. The former England international player has expressed his desire to keep on adding world-class talent to the squad. Even Lionel Messi was linked to this destination. However, Inter Miami already have a top player like Higuaín at El Kun's position. 

Los Angeles Galaxy could be another option to make possible Aguero's arrival to the MLS. They were involved in many blockbuster deals in the past years, asides from the historic signing of Beckham in 2007. Zlatan Ibrahimovic moved to Galaxy in 2018 and two years later Chicharito Hernández did it. But as the Mexican couldn't perform at his best yet, bringing a player like Aguero would be a boost for this team. 

The other side from the Californian city, Los Angeles FC, were reported to be another candidate to land the Argentine. Carlos Vela proves that this organization can sign well-known players, but making another effort for Aguero would be very demanding. If they accomplish it, though, LAFC would have arguably the best-attacking duo from the entire league.