Tradition has been thrown out the window by sports uniform brands, and the most telling example are soccer kits. Fans have grown accustomed to seeing teams like Real Madrid present jerseys in lime green or a dragon on it to appeal to a certain market or fad. The USMNT have been no stranger to this as in the last few years the incarnations have been eye raising to say the least.

The new 2021 USMNT away kit is the latest example of brands saying, “the hell with it”, as for the first time the USA will play with what can be described as zig zag stripes and a light red pattern that neither represents the American flag or previous colors the USMNT has played with.

A decade ago, soccer kit designs would last at least 2-3 years now a new home kit comes out every year and half and away kits become stranger and stranger. Barcelona’s new home kit for next season was met with lukewarm approval and now the USMNT got a taste of what the fans think on social media.

Fans react to USMNT 2021 away kit

The fan response got very creative from shock to comparing the new kit to a popular candy from the United States to some saying, “at least it’s not X team’s new kit”. Whatever the response one thing is for certain the USSF will sell jerseys no matter what.

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The United States will most likely showcase their new away kits in the 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup and during 2022 World Cup qualifying which starts later this year for the US. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to miss them on the field.