Time catches up to everyone and for Luis Suárez the passage of time has begun to show. Gone is the player that at Liverpool was able to generate his own chances, his hustle, a key component to his game, led to a season where he scored 31 goals in 33 Premier League games. At Barcelona, Suárez morphed into a poacher, fed off of a Barcelona midfield that was the best in the world.

Diego Simeone has been able to get the most out of the aging goal scorer, but as the Atletico Madrid project has grown stale, cutting certain contracts will be key in overhauling the roster. Luis Suárez name is the one that most stands out, after a first season that saw the Uruguayan score 21 goals in 31 games, this season Suárez has seen a huge dip, scoring only 9 goals in 27 LaLiga games. His last goal coming in February against Osasuna.

Now according to The Athletic in the UK, Luis Suárez continues to have suitors from Europe, South America, and United States. Here is a revised list of the possible destinations of Luis Suárez in the summer.

Luis Suárez possible destinations in the summer

According to the report in Europe, Luis Suárez has interest from Aston Villa as Steven Gerrard believes that Suárez would be a valuable asset to his side. Ajax is also rumored as a possible landing spot; Suárez has already played for Ajax and captained the side before his move to Liverpool.

In the America’s, Corinthians of Brazil is rumored to want the Uruguayan but confirmation out of Brazil indicates that Luis Suárez is still interested in staying in Europe. Major League Soccer has been a long-standing rumor with the Seattle Sounders having the most contact with Suárez over the years given he served as a translator when Nicolás Lodeiro was working on his eventual transfer to the MLS club. Inter Miami is also rumored but given where the project is at, and his national team coach Diego Alonso’s bad experience there, it’s doubtful Suárez would want to move there in a World Cup year.