The UEFA European Championship is a soccer competition that was founded in 1960. It is held every four years and is contested by UEFA's men's national teams. The Soviet Union won the inaugural final, defeating Yugoslavia 2-1 in extra time in Paris. Portugal won the most recent final, which was held in Paris in 2016, defeating France 1-0 after extra time.

The European Championship final is the competition's last match, and the outcome decides which country's team is crowned European champion. If the result is a tie after 90 minutes of regular play, a further 30-minute phase of play, known as extra time, is added. If a game is still tied after extra time, a penalty shoot-out is held. The squad that wins the penalty shoot-out is crowned champion.

Over the course of 15 editions, 687 goals have been scored in 286 UEFA European Championship final tournament matches. While the scorers have always been praised, history has a tendency to overlook the players who help them score goals. However, it is no longer the case, so let's take a look at the all-time top assist men at the Euros.

UEFA European Championship top assist men

Prior to the start of the UEFA European Championship 2020, Karel Poborsky has been the Euros' top assist provider with a total of eight assists for the Czech Republic. Poborsky used to play as a right-winger, and he is the country's second most-experienced player, having made 118 appearances between 1994 and 2006, before retiring from international football.

He was also involved in three European Championships and got recognized after enabling the Czechs to finish in the 1996 UEFA Euro Final. Below him, in second is Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal who has made six assists until the latest, 16th edition of the UEFA European Championship. He is followed by five players with an equal number.

It is David Beckham, Arjen Robben, Luis Figo, Cesc Fabregas, Bastian Schweinstiger have five assists each. Then, among the 12 players with four European Championship assists are Aaron Ramsey of Wales, Eden Hazard of Belgium, Joao Moutinho and Nani of Portugal, and Mesut Ozil of Germany.

Position Player's Name Country Assists
1.  Karel Poborsky Czech Republic 8
2. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 6
3. David Beckham England 5
4. Arjen Robben Netherlands 5
5. Luis Figo Portugal 5
6. Cesc Fabregas Spain 5
7. Bastian Schweinstiger Germany 5