The idea of creating a European Super League just will not go away, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus are at the forefront of trying to push its creation. Since the failed attempt to create the league back in April of 2021 the three founding clubs have still be trying to push for the ESL’s creation although at least publicly the three clubs don’t have that much support.

Today the European Super League is just a website, their Twitter profile is a suspended account yet the top executives at Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus are still working on getting it off the ground.

For UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin he continues to admit there is no ill will towards the clubs but there is a watchful eye, "I don't have a problem with them [Barcelona, Madrid and Juventus], But after they stabbed me and UEFA, I think it's up to them to call. In the same way that the earth is flat, they still think the Super League exists. At the same time, they were the first to sign up to play in the Champions League this season”, Ceferin told Le Journal du Dimanche.

What is the status of the European Super League?

In the eyes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus the project is still ongoing, while many of the founding clubs pulled out after the public backlash, reports have indicated that some of the founding clubs of the European Super League are still looking for a way to gain more profits away from UEFA.

In January a Madrid court rejected a bid from UEFA to have the judge who granted an injunction protecting the League removed. Still Ceferin maintains that the league will not happen.

"Nobody wants it [the Super League] except the few who think that football is all about money” added Ceferin.