Deion Sanders has been named Sportsperson of the Year by Sports Illustrated magazine. Though the former star of the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers had a losing record in his debut season with Colorado, the transformation process is a success.

“In less than a year, Coach Prime has not only transformed a moribund Colorado football program. He’s also breathed fresh life into the campus and transformed a community.”

Obviously, the question for thousands of fans in college football is how it’s possible for Sanders to receive such a distinction with a record of 4-8 and without making it to the playoffs.

However, with all his NFL experience, the hype around the Buffaloes was impressive, bringing unprecedented economic benefits to the University of Colorado. The numbers are just amazing.

Deion Sanders has been named 2023 Sportsperson of the Year

In his debut, Deion Sanders led Colorado to a major upset with a 45-42 win against TCU on the road and then got victories over Nebraska and Colorado State.

However, the downfall began with consecutive losses facing contenders like Oregon and USC. Since that moment, the Buffaloes couldn’t recover and finished the season with eight defeats in their last nine games.

Despite being very close of becoming bowl eligible, that dream will have to wait until 2024. However, the distinction for Sanders as Sportsperson of the Year relies on a tremendous impact off the field.

“First-year applications are up 26.4% year over year; Black or African American applications are up 80.6%; nonresident applications are up 29.8%; and international applications are up 38.4% from 97 countries, including 16 that didn’t have any applications last year.

The report from Sports Illustrated emphasizes September sales at the school’s online team store were up 2544% over the same month in 2022. Furthermore, all the home games for the Buffaloes were a sold out at Folsom Field and very few analysts projected more than three total wins for Colorado.

That’s why, Deion Sanders is confident that great young players from around the country will play at Colorado. “You’re gonna be pleased with what’s coming. I promise you that. It’s time to start projecting and start thinking about the tomorrow already. Everything you see that we have a lack thereof, a deficit, we’re gonna fill that need.”

How much money Deion Sanders makes at Colorado?

A few months ago, Deion Sanders signed a five-year, $29.5 million contract with Colorado. Most of that money came from fans donations who wanted a star leading the program. They believed.

In his first season, Coach Prime made at least $5.5 million. It’s the biggest contract in program’s history. Of course, there were a lot of incentives which gave a boost to the final number.

SURVEY Will Deion Sanders win a national championship with Colorado?

Will Deion Sanders win a national championship with Colorado?